Why Digital Nomads Prefer Laureles to Poblado in Medellin (And Why You Just Might, Too)

Beneath the shadow of high-rise apartments, the neighborhood of El Poblado is packed with upscale restaurants and cafes, boutiques, and some of the city’s hippest nightlife. With El Poblado’s western comforts, it’s easy to understand why the wealthy barrio is Medellin’s most popular neighborhood for foreigners, from backpackers to entrepreneurs to retirees. But while El Poblado has long been the darling of Medellin, the up-and-coming barrio of Laureles has begun to catch the eye of an increa

Things you should and shouldn't eat for breakfast

5 Things you should eat for breakfast and 5 you should always avoid How many times have you been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? It's been pounded into our heads by everyone from nutritionists to cereal commercials to our own beloved moms. Recently, however, that theory has been called into question, with some researchers warning breakfast may not be the miraculous metabolism-boosting meal we once revered it as. That said, even if breakfast isn't the most important m

10 Fabulous Father's Day Gifts for the Fitness Dad

His idea of a “fun family outing” is a seven-mile bike ride. He always had helmet hair and wore goofy spandex gym tights when he picked you up from school. He packed you carrot sticks and 2% milk when the other kids got cheese puffs and Kool-Aid for lunch. He won’t shut up about CrossFit. Sound familiar? You may have a fitness dad—a health-crazy father who believes in the power of exercise and egg whites. This Father’s Day, find your fit father a gift he’ll treasure more than his favorite p

10 Creative National Boss's Day Gift Ideas

National Boss’s Day pays homage to our beloved bosses, who courageously captain our offices and let us wear Hawaiian shirts on Fridays. The holiday is observed on October 16 (or the closest weekday, should the holiday fall during the weekend). So National Bosses Day 2017 will be honored on Monday Oct. 16. Join employees across Australia, India, Lithuania and beyond as staffers recognize the hard work and dedication of their cherished chiefs. To express your appreciation, draw inspiration from

Don't Blow Your Return Ticket On Food - Here's How To Eat Cheap While Traveling

Whether you're navigating a bustling foreign capital or backpacking a far-flung island, there's always a new sauce to taste or unrecognizable fruit to gnaw. Chowing down on foreign foods is arguably one of the best parts of traveling. And with a world of cuisines to explore, you've got to venture beyond the five-star restaurants if you want to advance without blowing your return plane fare. If you're looking for a way to savor scads of new dishes without eating away your travel funds, pull up

A Tale of Two Drug Problems: Portugal v. USA —

Once upon a time, two countries had a serious drug problem. The first, the United States, decided to try to tackle drug abuse and addiction by launching a brutal “war”, pumping out billions of dollars to imprison drug users. The second country, Portugal, took a different approach. In the 1990s, Portugal was in the grip of one of the worst drug epidemics in the world, with a whopping one percent of the population hooked on heroin. The government and citizens agreed that radical action was need

The Best Online Tax Preparation Software

Filing taxes has long ranked as one of the most dreaded activities, falling shortly behind getting teeth pulled and helping friends move. Happily – thanks to the emergence of online tax prep tools – filing taxes no longer has to be a grueling ordeal. Tax software can radically reduce the amount of time and energy it takes to file, and many online versions offer free and affordable options for singles, business owners and everything in between.

Chicago Arts & Leisure: Mourning-Photography Museum|

When Anthony Vizzari was in high school, he picked up an unusual habit. While his classmates spent their free hours joining chess clubs and attending softball practice, Anthony could often be found at rural flea markets and small-town antique stores, rifling through boxes of heirloom photographs. He'd bypass the solemn family portraits and windswept landscapes, intent on acquiring photographs of coffins, funeral wreaths, and the deceased. Anthony's interest in postmortem photography, also known

9 airport bars to drink away your layover —

There’s something magical about drinking at airport bars, where three-hour layovers are made tolerable and it’s acceptable to order a shot of tequila at 7 a.m. And while traditionally tacky and overpriced, increasingly, airport bars are growing their beer selection, getting creative with cocktails, and doing their best to cheer gloomy delayed fliers with live entertainment. Next time you’re frittering away a layover, skip the Chili’s and pricey pseudo-sports bars, and pull up a stool at one of these nine awesome airport bars:

Chicago Arts & Leisure: Open-Mic Brunch at the Hideout|

The scene at the Hideout is about what you'd expect to find at a neighborhood watering hole on a Saturday afternoon. Scruffy regulars hunch over the bar, nursing pints of Gumballhead and A Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale. Smokers cluster around the front patio’s picnic tables, puffing on Pall Malls. Lilly, the cheerful bartender, trades quips with customers and whips up some serious bloody marys with all the fixings—celery, olives, cubes of cheese, and a stalk of pickled asparagus for good measure.

26 Amazon Shopping Hacks: The Definitive Guide for 2017

A full-body spandex suit. Unicorn meat. A life-size cardboard cutout of Nicholas Cage (only 9 left in stock – order soon). These are just a handful of the more than five million items you can find on Amazon. From humble beginnings in the garage of founder Jeff Bezos, Amazon now dwarfs all other internet retailers in terms of total sales and selection. The e-commerce juggernaut hawks virtually every product you can think of, and often for a lesser cost than competitors.
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