5 Best Portable Cold Plunge Tubs for Small Spaces

Cold plunges may improve your mood, but the practice isn't without risks. Here are some tips from our experts on cold plunging safely.

Do: Build Your Way Up to Cold Plunges

"Begin with cold showers and cold water swimming," recommends Erik Milosevich, a certified Wim Hof instructor in Bastrop, Texas.

Once you're ready to graduate to ice baths, stick to short dips and listen to your body," says Raj Dasgupta, MD, a quadruple-board certified physician and clinical researcher in Los Angeles. "Con

‘Cowboys literally exist!’ Scottish comedian Daniel Sloss on why he loves Texas crowds

Comedian Daniel Sloss hasn’t reached the level of celebrity at which he’s recognized on the streets of Houston — yet. But whether or not Texans can identify the 31-year-old Scotsman from his critically acclaimed standup specials “X,” “Dark” and “Jigsaw,” his double-digit appearances on Conan O’Brien’s talk show or his hundreds of performances around the U.S. and worldwide, they tend to be delighted to meet Sloss, anyway. Mostly because of his accent.

Top Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

The journey from Cusco, Peru, down to the Lake Tititcaca-side town of Puno takes about eight hours by bus. Travelers en route to Puno or the nearby Isla del Sol often take the overnight sleeper bus to arrive early the next day.

Nevertheless, I was one of only a handful of passengers riding the Puno-bound night bus on a chilly morning in 2011. It was me, a few families and a group of chatty 20-something guys from Brazil.

Circular Review 2024: Our Honest Opinion

What exactly do the Circular Slim Ring's health metrics mean, and how can this data help you lead a healthier life? To find out, I consulted with experts in cardiology, sleep, kinesiology, digital health, and tech. Here’s what they had to say.

Monitoring your heart rate can give you insight into your fitness level and heart health, explains Seth Martin, MD, a professor of cardiology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore.

"Fitness trackers are quite accurate for determining heart rat

A Comprehensive History of Porn

The year was 1993: Bill Clinton had just been elected president, Tag Team's "Whoomp! (There It Is)" was climbing to the top of the charts, and the CD-ROM (compact disc read-only memory) had barely hit the market when a company called Interotica released the very first interactive porn CD-ROM. The adult game, called "Nightwatch Interactive," let players control a voyeuristic security guard who could navigate between TV monitors to peep on sexy scenes unfolding around the building.

If Hookup Culture Is Empowering, Why Am I Miserable?

While moralizers and the media tend to characterize hookup culture as chaos and abandon—a haphazard series of one-night stands—the hookup culture trend isn't really about young people having lots of sex or multiple sexual partners. Rather than an increase in sexual excess, the rise of hookup culture refers to a shift in sexual behavior—specifically, the movement of sexual activity outside of relationships, or a hookup.

Best Headphones for When You're Up in the Gym Workin' On Your Fitness

I’m an avid climber, devoted yogi and clumsy-but-no-less-determined kickboxer — but so help me, I’ll turn around and drive home if I arrive at the gym and realize I’ve forgotten my headphones. How can anyone expect me to be up in the gym just workin’ on my fitness without “Fergalicious” pumping into my ears?

I’m a firm believer (and I know I’m not alone) that a solid pair of headphones is about as essential to a good workout as a hair tie and deodorant. But they can’t just be any old pair.

Super Affordable Makeup Dupes for Cult Favorite Beauty Products

These days, scrolling through my Facebook and Instagram feeds means navigating a minefield of targeted ads for pricey, high-end beauty products. One ad for a Korean face mask claims to banish wrinkles and under eye circles. Another for a pair of magnetic eyelashes declares it will cut the time spent on my beauty routine in half, while still another ad for an at-home microdermabrasion wand promises to make me irresistible to hunky firemen.

The Untold Truth of Fast Food Playgrounds

Once upon a time, way back in the '90s, the iPad hadn't been invented yet, Boy Meets World was still on the air, and interior playgrounds at fast food restaurants weren't regarded as foul dens of germs and discarded heroine needles. During this magical age, children frolicked in ball pits and slid down slides in the playscapes of restaurants like McDonald's and Burger King. Meanwhile, their parents chatted nearby, knowing their kids were fenced in and playing someplace "safe."

8 of Our Favorite BIPOC Artists and Makers

It would be remiss to write a blog highlighting the work of BIPOC artists without taking a moment to reflect on the events and conversations of the year.

Propelled by the momentum of protests following the horrific deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Rayshard Brooks, and Dominique “Rem’mie” Fell, the world is protesting, watching, listening, trying, speaking out, making mistakes, and — hopefully — changing.

Macronutrients, to count or not to count?

From baby food to juice cleanses, diet trends rise and fall with time and scientific advancement.

But while many nutrition fads have been discredited or forgotten, others have withstood the test of time and nutrition science scrutiny. Counting macros (short for “macronutrients”) is a nutritional strategy long favored by bodybuilders that has recently gained mainstream popularity.
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