Meet María Cristina Lalonde: Writer & Editor

A lover, fighter, and freelance writer, María Cristina writes about sexual health by day and trains to be a championship kickboxer by night. Ever in pursuit of romance and Malört parties, she’s lived everywhere from Chicago to Mexico City to Medellín to Lisbon to Bali — but Austin, Texas will always be home.

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Meet Tim Lalonde: Assistant Writer

Hailing from sunny Sacramento, Tim Lalonde is an award-winning writer with eight years of professional experience creating sparkling content and copy. When he’s not captivating readers, he’s training unruly dogs, writing music, and (slowly but surely) improving his vegan cooking skills.

United by a mutual fondness for the written word and same set of parents, María Cristina and Tim teamed up in 2019. Together, the two have together been enchanting readers with kick-ass copy and politely refusing straws because they kill sea turtles ever since.